Fingerfood & Snacks

No matter what the occasion is – small appetizers that are easy to enjoy, also very popular among young and old. We serve bite-sized delicacies that can be eaten without being spattered with your fingers or with small forks and spoons.

With the Fingerfood the guest also has the advantage of a varied culinary experience, as a wide range of multi-layered delicacies can be triedin miniature.

Our recommendation:

Flying buffet

Who does not know it? Many people at an event, and the only opportunity is to speak with the table neighbor? The other idea: you move freely, the buffet comes to you. With about 200 different shapes of lovely miniature bowls, spoons or tubes, we serve you your individually prepared ``Flying Buffet``. So you can enjoy your Shrimpcocktail or Beef Tartar differently and at the same time take care of all your guests.

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